iDQ™ Framework

The iDQ™ Framework

iDQ™ is a framework for a compact interactive mashup of big reference data as well as web services embracing a range of external reference data sources that may be combined with your internal master data.

iDQ™ includes capabilities for fuzzy search thus overcoming the challenge of alternate spelling of names and addresses.

External reference data includes open international sources and commercial sources such as international business directories in corporation with your existing or coming specific reference data provider.

Furthermore iDQ™ connects to the big national reference data sources that suites you best in the countries where you are doing business.

Become a partner

At iDQ we are actively seeking partners for utilizing worldwide reference data related to individuals, companies and addresses with due respect to privacy norms, legislation and cultural diversity. Send a mail to Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen, or call +44 7530 623 442.