iDQ™ MDM Edition

A very advanced cloud based Master Data Management (MDM) solution with unparalleled inclusion of external reference data.

iDQ™ MDM Edition is based on the instant Data Quality concept by:

  • Ensuring data quality by exploiting external reference data
  • Optmizing data entry

The MDM Edition adds:

  • MDM with a an advanced data model for customer and other party master data
  • MDM integrated with master data maintenance including data stewardship
  • MDM with comprehensive checks and controls around master data

With iDQ™ MDM Edition you will get all this

Advanced data model for customer and other party master data:

  • Suitable for both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) environments
  • Built for hierarchical structures and multiple party roles
  • Support for several types of addresses per party
  • Includes geocodes
  • Handles multi-national addresses
  • Embraces multiple phones per party
  • Deals with several eMail addresses per party
  • Have social identity support

Data Stewardship functionality:

  • Interactive follow up on updates from external sources:
  • Relocation with business rules for simple and complex cases
  • Status updates as immigration, decease and out-of-business
  • Checks and follow up on self registrations

Pick up from external reference data sources and cheks on data entry. Reference data sources includes:

  • Address and property directories
  • Business directories
  • Citizen hubs, electoral rolls and other available sources
  • Social networks: FaceBook, LinkedIn and over 100 other services
  • eMail existens check

All in all a state-of-the-art MDM solution:

  • Being a single place of creating and updating party master data in an intuitive webbased user interface
  • With error tolerant search in external reference data and internal master data
  • Built for multi-national and multi-channel environments

For more information contact Henrik Saustrup or Henrik Liliendahl Sørensen or call +45 3997 1050.