iDQ™ is an advanced search engine providing
access to information about individuals, companies
and addresses

iDQ™ is a meta-search-engine for all relevant data sources. With iDQ™ you only need one search engine for access to a wealth of global and national data sources with valuable information about individuals, companies, addresses and real estates. You will save time and get data quality right the first time within your customer master data.

iDQ™ Web services
With iDQ web services you are able to integrate big reference data directly into master data management workflows using a single interface for the wealth of global and national data sources.
iDQ™ Framework
iDQ™ embraces a world of big reference data sources and integrates with your particular CRM system and customer master data hub… continue
iDQ™ in social MDM
Use iDQ™ when exploiting the need for integrating the rising use of social networks within customer Master Data Management. Mash up traditional reference data, your master data and data from social media. More here.