iDQ™ – The integrated search engine embracing a world of information about individuals, companies and addresses

The fast and easy track to high quality data for your CRM system and Customer Master Data Hub.

Data Quality

Poor data entry by employees is the number one root cause of data flaws within customer master data. The iDQ™ concept is targeting exactly that soft spot by ensuring data quality and saving you time and money at the same time… continue


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The iDQ™ Framework

With iDQ web services you are able to integrate big reference data directly into master data management workflows using a single interface for the wealth of global and national data sources… continue

iDQ A/S have in 2017 again received the highest credit rating award from Bisnode This award shows that IDQ as a company has a solid economy and a very strong capacity to meet current payment obligations. Under 2% of all Danish companies achieve this AAA- award.